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Rick Rubarth - Master Builder

About Rick  ...Rick Rubarth was raised in a family that played music together around the living room. Later, Rick worked as a professional musician in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Baltimore and the tri-state area in Colorado. He learned early on how to repair and maintain his own instruments. Later he would build them for his own use.

Rick's highest qualification as a harp builder is that he is a musician. To that end, Rick loves instruments that respond, breath and project. Good dynamics and feel are essential to all his harps.

The final test of a newly crafted RHarp is "does it take you there?"... to a place where the harp and the player take a back seat to the magic of the music. Only excellent instruments can "take you there". An excellent instrument is what Rick offers.


"I'm a very fortunate man"...

I derive a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction from the conception, design, construction, and refinement of my harps. For many years, I have been building harps two at a time with only one variable between them so that I can truly compare and tweak here or change a design element there. Does this harp sound better than that one?  Which one "sings"? This is called A-B testing. Through years of this kind of testing, theory has been replaced with knowledge.

"I think" has been replaced with "I know" at a huge cost in terms of building and burning. But twenty years of experimental building pays off when my customers recognize what they love about their R-Harps, I just have to smile because I know those qualities were deliberately placed there in that instrument.

All the harps I produce now are the best I've ever made. I am still so thrilled when the sawdust settles and I hear my customers produce beautiful music on my creations. These are the moments that make all the hard work worth while.


Rick Rubarth  


5021 Perry Street
Denver, CO 80212

(303) 480-5028

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