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Area Representatives

and Rental Information 

To try out a Merlin, please contact a Representative.

R-Harps representatives by state


California, San Francisco                                    Natalie Cox                                                                    Phone (510) 778-0737                                                                   http://www.nataliecoxharps.com/                          [email protected]                                                                                                        

Colorado, Denver                                                             Kolacny Music - Phone (303) 722-6081
Web-site: http://www.kolacnymusic.com/                                 E-mail: [email protected]

 Colorado, Loveland                                                       Loveland Music - Phone (970) 622-0330

Georgia, Savannah                                                                                                   David Dirlam
Phone (912) 341-8898  
Web-site: http://www.folktraditionsstore.com/

Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Nebraska            Wilma Kelly Liles
Phone (816) 550 4414 
E-mail: [email protected]         

Michigan, Ann Arbor
 Kathy Holtz, Harpist
734-971-9315 (home)
[email protected]

New Mexico                                                                    Apple Mountain Music                                                                 web-site: http://www.applemtnmusic.com/                              Phone (595) 450-1435

NewYork                                                                                Margaret Sneddon
(914) 715 8793  
Email: [email protected]


Ohio, Cleveland                                                      Ardis Billey  
Phone (440) 338-5508
E-mail mailto:[email protected]

Pennsylvania, Erie                                                Candyce Barrante
Phone (814) 881-9554

Wisconsin, Madison and surrounding area        Alice Kissling
Phone (608) 222-8219  
E-mail: [email protected]

 There are also an extremely limited number of Merlins available for rent, primarily to students. For more information, please contact Wilma Liles or Margaret Sneddon



5021 Perry Street                                                 Denver, CO 80212                  [email protected]                                    

(303) 480-5028