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Area Representatives

To try out a Merlin, please contact a Representative, R-Harps representatives by state:

Richard Rubarth, Harp Builder and Dealer for All Areas
Phone - 303-480-5028
Email - [email protected]

Denver, Colorado 
Kolacny Music
Phone - 303-722-6081
E-mail -
[email protected]
Website - www.kolacnymusic.com

Mahopac, New York
Alyssa Reit
Phone - 914-248-0366
Email - [email protected]

Murray, Utah
Summerhays Music Store
5420 S. Green Street, Murray, UT 84123
Phone - 801-268-4446
Email - [email protected]
Website - www.SummerhaysMusic.com

The Troubadour Harpen
Prins Maueritsstraat, ST Delft 40, 2628, Netherlands
Phone - +31 6 24684863

Pittsburg Area
Julia Ann Scott
Phone - 412-922-4344
Email - [email protected]

There are also an extremely limited number of Merlins available for rent, primarily to students. For more information, please contact Rick Rubarth or Alyssa Reit



5021 Perry Street                                                 
Denver, CO 80212
[email protected]
(303) 480-5028