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Martha Gallagher - "I'm tickled pink!"

 I fell in love with the R-Harps Merlin from the very first moment I heard it! I was at the Somerset Folk Harp Festival,  playing every harp I could get my hands on. Then I heard it; this incredibly lush, gorgeous bass balanced with a beautiful mid-rance and bright-yet-full upper notes singing through the crowd. It was Merlin!!

Every harp I've ever had has challenged and expanded my playing ability and creative visions. And so it is with my Merlin. Since this harp arrived at my home, new avenues in techniques and inspiration have filled every playing moment. And the sound of this harp is just as intoxicating as the very first time I heard its voice. I LOV
E my Merlin from R-Harps. 

 Martha Gallagher

      Songstress, Harper, Performing Artist




Darhon Rees Rohrbacher

In an e-mail about her recently purchased Merlin.

Just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying playing the Merlin, for the following reasons: 

1. Nice, even, medium tension - not too floppy, not  too stiff.    2. The harp is very responsive... I was surprised at how "easily" it plays. It takes very little effort to get a "tone" out of it.   3 Tone is really warm and rich from top to bottom.  4. Lightweight, easy to move lever harp. 5. Has an elegant shape - does not look "folk harpy" (would make even a picky bride happy). 6. Tunes easily and holds tune well.  7. I can sit at a normal pedal harp stool. I don't have to find an ultra-low stool or put the harp on a box to raise it to a comfortable playing height.

  Feel free to use any of the above as "satisfied customer quotes".

 Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher



 Posted on Facebook by Russel Patrick Brown

 Thanks Rick and Margaret, for bringing me the perfect harp for work. It's light and easy to carry. Since I live in New York City,  I can even carry it on my shoulder when I want to but it still, magically, has great volume and presence.  It has a wonderful range (no wobbly bass notes) and can come with a great pick-up for recording and performance. It's a very nice instrument to have!

   April 2010

 As posted on the Harplist

On Fri, 8/29/08

I bought a Merlin as a "back-up harp" in December 2006. It became my main outdoor event and recording harp almost immediately. It's got a big sound and a nice medium tension. The low notes are very rich and it holds tuning very well. The compact design and relatively light weight make it a pleasure to haul all over the place. There's also a built-in pickup (available) ... I can't say enough good things about the instrument. I play a mix of music - Celtic, light classical, pop standards, sacred, improvisational - in short, what I want and what folks will pay for. I used the Merlin on my last two CDs.

Mary Jane in St. Augustine

For further discussion of the Merlin, visit: http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/Harplist/

As posted in the Harp Column Forum               http://www.harpcolumn.com/forum/message-view?message_id=30398

Posted by Samarpana Devi on

I just bought a Merlin Harp and am very happy with it.  It is brand new, so the sound is changing from one day to the next right now.  But overall it has a beautiful Bass and Mid-Range.  I'll wait and see what happens with the top notes over time.  This harp is very light weight to travel with and ultra-comfortable on the shoulder while playing.  It seems to resonate so beautifully and really fills my house with lovely sound.

Aesthetically, it is much more beautiful in real life  than the photo showed on the old R-Harps website. Also, I think it has an amazing sound for the price compared to other lever harps.  ... In fact, I bought the Merlin Harp sight-unseen.  Why, you may ask would I do such a thing? Well, it is because someone played it over the phone for me.  And the Merlin sounded better over the phone than other lever harps did in person.  From that moment on I was sold.  And when I recieved it, it did not dissapoint me.

After a lot of searching I am happy to say that the Merlin was just what I was looking for.  It has a clean, precise sound.and is a very well-made, high quality instrument. Cheap tuners need not apply.   If you have a Merlin Harp, and cannot tune by ear: I recommend a good quality tuner.  I am using a Peterson Stobo-Flip with great results.   

Last thoughts:  The string tension is light, so I find this a very easy Harp to Play.  I can just sit there for hours without stopping it is so enjoyable. My husband is getting mad because I spend so much time with the Harp now.

Hope this helps for anyone considering purchasing a Merlin.

Posted by Lisa McCann on



I bought an Rharp Merlin in October '05, and I love it more and more each day I play it. It has a rich, full sound that continues to develop as the weeks go by. It is stronger in the mid range and bass, but I do not find that it overwhelms the treble. I heard it in a harp tasting and was blown away from the moment I heard it. It had lots of great competition - Dusty Strings, Stoney End, Wm Rees, Blevins, Lewis, etc. (Three of us at the Southeastern Harp Weekend bought all three Merlins that The Folk Traditions Store from Savannah brought that weekend!) The other thing I like about it is being able to have such a full tone with moderate string tension - I have arthritis in my hands and have no trouble playing it. It's staved back is also very comfortable to snuggle up to.
As written to rep, Margaret Sneddon, after purchase of a Merlin at Somerset 2007
This is Elizabeth, from the Somerset Harp Festival. My Merlin is wonderful!! Oh my goodness, it's the perfect harp for my life, my work, my fingers, my compositions....I couldn't have imagined such a great find, and the price was very gentle on my finances as well.
So, thank you so much :)
Added in 2008: I call it my "dark Chocolate harp" because of it's full rich tone.

March, 2009

There was a student at the workshop that I was teaching this weekend that had a Merlin. We were all very impressed by it's tone. The bass was deep and lush while the treble was sparkly. It was amazing hearing the sound from that harp and feeling how light it was to transport, and how especially light the tension was on the strings. Very nice!

Cynthy Johnson, Harpist      Richmond, VA





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